Catnip Coma

07/07/2017 @ 11:03 PM | General with Comments Off on Catnip Coma

I’m pretty sure that’s what this is as I found catnip leaves eaten. I grow catnip and grass for the cats to munch on. 

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Feline Friday

06/16/2017 @ 5:54 PM | General with Comments Off on Feline Friday

I have tons of pictures of my kitties to provide comical content for Friday 🙂

Snowflake was holding a sink strike because I hadn’t turned the water on for her. 

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Well Now

06/09/2017 @ 4:23 PM | General with Comments Off on Well Now

I’m finally in a place where I have a few spare minutes to do other things than work, school, and sleep. Schools done with. Three degrees is all I’m doing. No more. Got a new Blackberry phone recently which is a hybrid BBOS and android so I loaded up the WordPress app and here we are. I just was too lazy to go to my desktop to post anything honestly. I do everything else on my phone so why not this. 

I got Snowflake a playmate and just had her weighed today. 12lbs!  I knew she was heavy but my word. pumpkin sits on Snowflake for kicks. Pumpkin loves the dog toys too as seen below.  Everybody remember Lambchop?  There you have it. 

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03/26/2017 @ 5:03 PM | General with Comments Off on Ugh

Well, my hosting server was transferred yesterday. It always seems my main site always takes the hit when this happens. Got the database error corrected but now the theme is jacked up but it’s the same exact code as my other site and that one isn’t jacked up like this one. Will have to fix it laters because I’m actually in a place now to start updating with lots more pictures of the place and the new kitteh along with Snowflake.

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10/21/2015 @ 5:30 PM | Animals, Nature with Comments Off on Drama


This is what happens when I’m going into my upstairs bathroom e v e r y s i n g l e d a y. No matter the time she expects me to turn on the water for her to drink and play with. When I cut it off she hops in the tub because that faucet drips and the owner won’t fix it. We have a routine though now. I turn it on for her to drink and play until I grab my toothbrush which I dunk under there to get wet and she waits. Then put my toothpaste on it and dunk it under again and she waits again. Then brush my teeth, and then I tap her and she backs off cuz I bring the water up fairly high to rinse out my toothbrush and mouth, take my allergy medicine and bring it back down for a few more seconds before turning it off.

I got the window cracked right now on the window next to my desk and she’s just whiffing the outside and listening to the kids yelling around the neighborhood.

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10/11/2015 @ 5:44 PM | Animals, General with Comments Off on Whiffs

That cat window perch is a nuisance and a POS. I nailed a portion of it to my desk and just tossed crap underneath it after taking of the pathetic legs to rest against the wall off because it is only held on the window sill by tape. Anyways, it’s sturdy, the windows open a crack and Snowflake is enjoying it immensely. When I pull into the driveway now I see her up there looking down on things. She had her surgery on the 2nd and healed very nicely even though she kept licking at the two stitches on the outside. She’s got a little bump from all the licking but it will go down. Her ringworm has cleared up nicely as well and all her furs back on her paw. No more chin acne. She’s the picture of good health now. That was a rough month or so but all is well. She still only weighs just over 4 lbs. I think she might be almost full grown now too so she’s on the small side compared to my last cat who was about 7 lbs. Buying heartworm medicine for her is hard as the minimum weight requirement is 5 lbs so I have to half one of those to give to her.

I still have a World Literature final and some systems analysis homework to finish by midnight tonight. Enjoy your Sunday folks.

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