Travelling Wisely

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The farthest I have been away from home is when I lived in Germany for many years due to my father being in the Air Force. We got to travel while over there to see the sites. Now being back in the states I still travel to different states to see the places I am interested in. Makes you wonder some times if you do not have a decent job with insurance, what happens to you while you go on vacation? We see kids here more often than I care to see become ill enough to need to be admitted to the hospital and some without insurance. If you travel from state to state and have private insurance your pretty much safe. If you have Medicaid not so much because those are on a state per state basis. If you have no insurance you are screwed. Makes you think maybe I need some travel insurance especially if you happen to be going overseas. I mean, I would love to go visit Dubai, Australia, and South America but would Blue Cross really pay if I become ill?

Buying travel health insurance can be a smart move. Not only will it pay for medical bills but it can also cover cancellation costs, lost luggage, travel delay (we could all claim this), loss of income, personal liability, out of pocket expenses, hijacking, etc. Those are just a few of what you could get. It is very affordable which I did not realize either, because I always get asked if I’m booking trips if I would like any insurance, that travel insurance is very reasonable. I just did an estimate of some travel insurance for myself for a week in June and it came out to only $59. The only questions were where I am originating from, the dates of the trip, and my age. Dependent children or grandchildren under the age of 21 can be added to the policy for free. Now that is unheard of in this day and age and even sweetens the deal if you plan on a family vacation which I would never do. I want to have fun on my vacations.

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