Starfield PC efficiency: highest settings, FSR 2, benchmarks

superstar box Units a brand new same old for PC efficiency, taxing even probably the most robust {hardware} available on the market. For the sport to run easily, you wish to have the most efficient settings Starfield.

That is no easy sport, and on PC the location is much more difficult. I have examined the sport broadly sooner than and after release collecting optimized settings, benchmarking it with a couple of GPUs, and checking upscaling make stronger. That is what I have discovered thus far.

highest settings for starfield

bethesda sport studios

superstar box There is no massive graphics menu, and the 4 graphics presets do a just right task of balancing efficiency. I examined each and every atmosphere in my view, and the majority of them be offering modest jumps in efficiency—there are only a few outlandish settings and simple wins for efficiency.

However, I have rounded up a listing of the most efficient settings that I feel optimize efficiency and symbol high quality. Listed here are my custom designed settings for this Starfield:

  • Dynamic Answer: However
  • Render Answer: 75%
  • Graphics Preset: customized
  • shadow high quality: medium
  • Oblique Gentle: Prime
  • Thought: medium
  • Particle High quality: Much less
  • Volumetric Lighting fixtures: medium
  • Crowd Density: Much less
  • Gradual movement: Shut
  • GTAO High quality: medium
  • Hay High quality: Prime
  • Touch Shadow: medium
  • Vsync: However
  • Upscaling: FSR2
  • Allow VRS: However
  • intensity of box: However

Gasp! Your eyes do not mislead you. you must run superstar box under the unique answer. As I will element my benchmarks later, the sport is obviously designed round AMD FidelityFX helps Tremendous Answer 2 (FSR2), or even the absolute best graphics preset is working at 75% of FSR2 local answer through default.

It’s kind of other from FSR in different video games. Generally, FSR 2 contains 3 or 4 presets that decide your render answer. superstar box As an alternative a slider is integrated that is going from 100% to 50% of the render answer. 75% proper within the heart is unquestionably the most efficient spot for symbol high quality, so it is best to optimize your efficiency with the settings quite than push the FSR2 to its lowest level.

biggest efficiency wins superstar box Shadow High quality, Volumetric Lighting fixtures, GTAO High quality, and Touch Shadows come from right here, so customizing your show will likely be the very first thing to get right of entry to those settings. Movement blur additionally has a just right impact on efficiency, so flip it off until you might be working under 60 frames in line with 2d (fps) and want slightly of smoothing.

Jacob Roach/Virtual Tendencies

As you’ll be able to see within the comparability above, my optimized settings glance similar to the Extremely preset, no less than with the 75% render answer implemented to each. I noticed a couple of 15% building up in efficiency with those settings, however I have structured my listing in some way that are meant to get advantages much less robust programs.

As an example, there’s a crowd density atmosphere. my checking out displays that superstar box The CPU is beneath numerous force, with the 24-core Intel Core i9-13900K’s utilization even achieving 60% in some scenes. Turning this atmosphere off reduces the weight at the CPU considerably, so this can be a just right position to chop in case your CPU is not as robust as your GPU. Crowds glance dense even on the minimal atmosphere, but if it is maxed out, you’ll be able to see 50 or extra folks in a single house at a time.

After all, I wish to spotlight VRS, or Variable Fee Dropping. This atmosphere is on through default, and also you must go away it that method. Relying on how robust your device is, you won’t see this at paintings, however it will probably considerably building up efficiency on older, much less robust programs.

starfield device necessities

Earlier than I am getting to my benchmarks, it is price a glance superstar box Machine Necessities. It is a tricky sport and the device necessities make stronger it.

the minimal advisable
os home windows 10 model 21H1 Home windows 10/11 with Updates
processor AMD Ryzen 5 2600X, Intel Core i7-6800K AMD Ryzen 5 3600X, Intel Core i5-10600K
to hit 16 GB 16 GB
graphics card AMD RX 5700, Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti AMD RX 6800 XT, Nvidia RTX 2080
directx model directx 12 directx 12
garage 125 GB (SSD) 125 GB (SSD)

In line with my benchmarks, it seems like the advisable specifications are focused on 4K at 30 fps at the Prime preset, which renders the sport via FSR 2 at 62% of its answer. You may also imagine working the sport at 1080p with 60 fps. Identical graphics preset.

The minimal specifications glance as despite the fact that they are focused on 1080p at 30fps, once more with FSR2 enabled. as discussed, superstar box Obviously designed round FSR 2, and has numerous device necessities in thoughts. With upscaling became off, you wish to have a extra robust device to deal with a strong body fee.

Some further notes right here. you first Calls for SSD to play superstar box, That is essential even at the minimal specs. As well as, the sport calls for no less than a six-core CPU, however I would not suggest enjoying it with the rest not up to an eight-core chip. The sport places numerous load at the CPU in densely populated spaces, and you can see a large drop in efficiency with best six cores.

What GPU do you wish to have for Starfield?

Jacob Roach/Virtual Tendencies

I Examined Seven Graphics Playing cards superstar box To get a coarse thought of ​​what you can want in keeping with the answer you might be enjoying the sport at. You’ll be able to see my effects above, with playing cards representing the ultimate two generations of GPUs from AMD and Nvidia. Intel has no illustration right here, no longer simply because there’s no professional superstar box for the motive force Arch A770 and A750, but in addition since the sport refused to load with the cardboard in my prerelease checking out.

Intel has showed that there are issues of the sport’s graphics card, and has promised a patch for the sport’s common free up.

we’re acutely aware of the problems @starfieldgame on Intel Arc Graphics. We are running to reinforce the revel in for the sport’s common free up subsequent week.

— Intel Graphics (@IntelGraphics) 31 August 2023

Earlier than delving deeper, you will need to point out that I created a worst case state of affairs to check the graphics card Starfield. This intended ignoring FSR2 and working my benchmarks within the sport’s town of New Atlantis, the place there are dozens of characters on-screen. Efficiency will increase very much while you allow FSR 2, as I will provide an explanation for later on this phase.

For now, you can want nearly an RTX 3070 Ti to deal with 60 FPS with out FSR 2 enabled. The RX 6700 XT could also be an choice, assuming you flip down probably the most graphics settings. As much as 1440p, each the RTX 4070 and RTX 3080 scratch 60fps with out absolutely achieving it, whilst the RX 6950 XT simply crosses that mark.

Alternatively, it is 4K the place issues get in point of fact unhealthy. Even AMD’s RX 7900 superstar box At local 4K when all settings are maxed out.

That mentioned, I did this take a look at sooner than AMD launched a devoted driving force Starfield. The patch notes declare a efficiency building up of as much as 16%, so this is able to push the sport above the 60 fps mark for the RX 7900 XTX.

Jacob Roach/Virtual Tendencies

I went again and re-tested some playing cards with the brand new patch, and as you’ll be able to see above, it has advanced efficiency considerably.

As discussed, each and every graphics preset is superstar box Activate FSR 2 mechanically. The Extremely preset makes use of 75% render answer, Prime makes use of 62% render answer, and Medium and Low each use 50%. The ones adjustments have a large have an effect on on efficiency.

Jacob Roach/Virtual Tendencies

In the event you take a look at FSR2 on as opposed to off, you’ll be able to see that the RTX 3080 can simply hit above 60 fps at 4K with the Prime graphics preset, however in a different way it struggles to deal with above 40 fps. does. The disparity is much more pronounced on the Low and Medium presets, with the FSR 2 turning in just about double the efficiency.

Jacob Roach/Virtual Tendencies

Alternatively, there is a giant worth to pay for symbol high quality. As you’ll be able to see within the comparability above, each the Low and Medium presets be afflicted by important aliasing within the background, in addition to a large drop in sharpness (search for the blue flag and placing tree).

Jacob Roach/Virtual Tendencies

In a similar way, within the scene above, you’ll be able to see the indicators at the development appearing little or no element at the Medium and Low presets. There are diversifications in shadow and lighting fixtures high quality between modes, however the low render answer of those decrease presets in point of fact kills off the revel in.

Is 8GB of VRAM sufficient for Starfield?

VRAM considerations are main in trendy video games, however fortunately, superstar box There aren’t many problems. Even with all graphics at local 4K, the sport by no means fed on greater than 8GB of VRAM. This used to be true for playing cards together with the RTX 4090 with its huge 24GB of VRAM.

It’s not a large worry right here. Additionally, I did not understand any lag or lag at the GPU with 8GB of VRAM, which has been a vital downside in video games resident evil 4, the ultimate people section one, And Hogwarts Legacy.

Does Starfield have Nvidia DLSS?

at lunchtime, superstar box There is not any local make stronger for nvidia Deep Studying Tremendous Sampling (DLSS). AMD is the unique PC spouse for the sport, however in spite of that, the corporate says builders are unfastened so as to add DLSS if they want.

This hasn’t took place but, despite the fact that it is conceivable that DLSS make stronger will come someday. Fortunately, modder PureDark has already launched a mod that provides DLSS and Intel’s XeSS to the sport.

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