Salina Space Chamber of Trade Publicizes 2023 Inductees to the Industry Corridor of Popularity

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Celebrating its 18th yr, the Salina Space Chamber of Trade’s Industry Corridor of Popularity proudly pronounces the induction of 3 distinguished Salina businessmen to the Magnificence of 2023.


quintin applequistroberts industries inc. Founder and President of (Ancient Department, 1946–1999); mike beatyFormer CEO of Kennedy & Coe (Fresh Department, 2000–provide); Mark and Julie MillerFounding father of Merit Agree with Corporate (Fresh Class 1999-Provide).

Along with the inductees into the Industry Corridor of Popularity, the Industry Corridor of Popularity Activity Pressure is worked up to announce the Spirit of Salina Award recipients. The award, which was once created in 2022, was once advanced to acknowledge a emerging entrepreneur in Saline County. The chosen entrepreneur will constitute the “easiest of the most productive” with regards to overcoming stumbling blocks, believing of their desires, taking dangers and persevering as a small industry proprietor. They epitomize one spirit – Salina’s entrepreneurial spirit – and person who has come prior to. This yr’s recipient will probably be introduced on the induction rite.

The induction rite will probably be hung on Wednesday, November 1, 2023 from midday to at least one:30 p.m. at Salina Nation Membership. Shingo Hanada, President and CEO of Kubota North The usa and Kubota Tractor Corporate, would be the featured speaker.

The Salina Industry Corridor of Popularity was once established in 2005 via the Salina Space Chamber of Trade. Its objective is to acknowledge and honor Salina industry leaders, each previous and provide, who’ve made abnormal contributions.

Salina earned the honour of the area people and drew consideration to the loose undertaking gadget and its price to our nation and electorate in shaping Salina’s way of living.

Each and every inductee will probably be known with a commemorative plaque. As well as, plaques honoring each and every inductee will probably be displayed on the Chamber Place of work, 120 W. Ash. A biography of each and every attendee will probably be published and dispensed on the luncheon.

“The caliber of inductees to the Industry Corridor of Popularity is so prime as a result of they don’t seem to be simply individuals who have accomplished luck in industry, however those that have made an integral contribution to the luck of all of the neighborhood,” mentioned Renee Duxler, President and Salina Space Chamber “This elegance of 2023 inductees is particularly outstanding as a result of they’ve made their mark on Salina and we’re delighted in an effort to have fun them,” mentioned the CEO of Trade.

Tickets for the induction rite are $30 according to individual and may also be bought via registering on-line on the Chamber’s web site at, or via calling the Chamber place of job at 785-827-9310 ext. 124, or via emailing Stephanie Gillig at (e-mail safe).

Previous inductees come with: (Pioneer) Henry David Lee, Alexander Campbell, Oscar Seitz, Winfield Watson, Benjamin Aaron Litovich; William R. Geiss, William A. Phillips, Thomas Watson Roach, Charles R. Underwood, Frank Hagemann, Heermann H. Sudendorf, Arthur M. Claflin, and August (AJ) Holmquist (historic) Ward A. Marshall, William Henry Graves, John J. Venier, MJ. Kennedy, Milton Morrison, Charles W. Shaver, C. William “Invoice” Exline, Murray Wilson, Ralph E. Ritz, S. Dean Evans, Sr., Whitley Austin, Ben Dealers, George L. Frisby, Verla Nesbitt Joslin, Balis Kyger Smoot, Robert J. Laubangaer, Dan Bolen, Milton Stiefel, Frank Norton, Mabel Shelton and Mel Jarvis

(fresh) Alfred PG Schwan, Charlie Walker, Roy Applequist, Lee Younger, Paul E. Junk, Jack Vanier, James R. Allen, Richard E. Brown, Carl Stutterheim, Mike Berkeley, Charles E. Stevens, Jr., Thomas Pestinger, Sidney A. Ritz, Timothy M. Rogers, Mel and Marge Bergkamp, ​​Stephen Ryan, and Larry Triplett.

Previous Spirit of Salina Recipient: Tyler Gallagher/Seraphim Bread (2022)

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