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I’m sitting here at work wondering if this week is going to be as bad as last week. Last week we had tons of rain being dropped on us from the tropical storm and a low front being pushed up or something like that. I pretty much got soaked on a daily basis to and from the garage. Wednesday last week I get home and let the dogs out and then to feed the fish when I slip on some water and land on my ass twisting my right ankle and scraping up my left big toe and my left knee. You wouldn’t think you could get scrapes from linoleum flooring. Oddly enough my ass felt fine, go figure. So the next day my right ankle is swollen and it hurts to walk so I’m sort of limping.

Saturday I chat with the neighbor and find out that Friday night while neither one of us was home (I live in a duplex) my place got surrounded by the cops yet again for some girl who used to live their almost 4 years prior for still bouncing checks all over the place and still using my address. Now mind you, they’ve been there before while I was there and the sad thing is I even know one of them who keeps coming by. I guess they have to do this but it’s getting annoying.

Then I go grocery shopping and am in the process of putting up the groceries when one bag of cans with a big ole can of tomato sauce plus some other littler cans fall on the floor but before hitting the floor they each land on my left foot specifically my big toe where I already had it scraped up from the last incident. That hurt like hell. I still had shoes on so didn’t realize my foot was bleeding all over the place until I took them off :/ I had to clean my foot and the inside of my shoe (it was a thin sandal type thing covering the top portion of my foot). Then tried to bend my toe, wasn’t happening. I probably broke it because I still can’t bend it today and it’s totally purplish looking. Not much you can do for a broke toe though so I’m just taking some Motrin to ease the pain.

It is rough driving though considering both of my feet have injuries and I drive a manual. I just hope I don’t injury anything else this week at least until these heal up. :/

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    Trista // October 12th, 2005 at 10:18 AM

    What an awful week! I can’t imagine all the pain you’re in right now, with the swollen ankle and the possibly broken toe. I think breaking a toe is the worst, because there really is nothing you can do to it and you can’t help but move it every time you take a step. Try getting some surgical tape and taping it to your other toes so that it doesn’t move more than it has to, and then kick back and try to relax a little. Hope you feel better.

  2. 2
    BlogCruiser // October 19th, 2005 at 12:58 AM

    It sure is scary when things like that happen nearby.