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Peppers Fiasco Week

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Pepper is 16 year’s old this May and recently developed either acute kidney failure as her creatinine is back down to normal after almost drowning her in fluids for a week or a slow deterioration in her kidney function. I will be getting another blood test done in 2 weeks as that will be a month since the last one. She may not need it but I’d rather know since I am still giving fluids every Tuesday/Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Hopefully, the creatinine is still normal and I can drop that down even more.

What irks me at this point is she keeps peeing on the kitchen floor instead of using the pee pads I have down. I mean, how the hell do you get them to use those?!? I keep a bucket, mop, and bleach to clean this up multiple times a day. She even goes twice at night! I let them out at 11 PM every night before bed and I’m up between 5-6ish. How is it she can’t wait that long anymore? She’s sleeping for goodness sake. My neighbor let’s her out somewhere between 10 and 11 and I still have to clean up a mess when I get home.

So the week of camp. One of my friends agreed to watch both the dogs and to give Pepper her fluids as well as making sure she got her food that she needs to be on. What a fiasco that was. She never came over for me to show her how to do the fluids. Okay, just take her to the vet Monday and Wednesday then and let them give them as I gave her fluids on Saturday before I left. She never showed up Saturday until late afternoon first off. So she had to go to my next door neighbor, who owns the duplex, to be let in and get the instructions and key as I explained it to my neighbor too. She has MS so I didn’t want her to have the burden of taking care of them because she gets up late and goes to bed early.

She gets the key and it goes down hill from there. She wasn’t showing up to feed them or let them out because my neighbor was watching for her. I was getting daily calls being bitched out because because the kitchen floor was FILTHY as they had to go somewhere, right? She kept them baby gated in the kitchen because of all of this. I was getting text messages from my friend with excuses. Then she got bitched by my neighbor too which she should have because she said she would take care of them for me and then had the nerve to text me that she did. Well, WTF, she wasn’t doing what she said she would.

I swear I wanted to wring her neck. Still sort of do too because I still haven’t seen her since getting back and she hasn’t dropped off my house key yet. I was getting reports from my neighbor that something was wrong with Pepper and I was to put her down when I got home because she kept peeing on the kitchen floor. Clearly she was pissed off and I had to replace some of the kitchen tiles due to all of this which I have a whole box extra that got left when they laid them down to begin with. I only had to replace some of them because the floors weren’t cleaned up properly.

Anyway, when I finally got home to assess the situation, Pepper was fine to a point. She was probably scared from being yelled at. Their water dish was also bone dry and I’m not sure how long that was which pissed me off. So I’m sure they were both dehydrated at some point. I got home so late that night that I wasn’t about to give her fluids because I’d never be awake enough to keep letting her out every hour like she needs to have done when getting fluids. I just cleaned up the floor as best I could at that point until I could rip out some of the tiles and use ammonia to really clean it up because it REEKED of pee!

Let me tell you if you have never used ammonia before it smells even worse! You definitely need to air the place out when you use that stuff. Either way I got the tiles up, used the ammonia on the floor underneath them because the brilliant people she had to fix the duplex before I moved in laid tile on top of tile which you don’t do people. I will eventually rip it all out and put down cheap fake wood floors because she isn’t going to pay for it. Anyway, after all of that it doesn’t smell anymore. Gee, had someone been over there like they said they would none of this would have happened to begin with. I even left instructions and that she would need to let them out quite frequently because of all of this as she is not working because she is studying to get her physical therapy license but noooooo.

I’m not even sure what I’ll do next year if she is still alive. I don’t think so but you never know. I’m definitely putting Stormy back in baby jail though. She could’ve gone last year and this year but I didn’t see the point when I had someone coming over to take care of Pepper who can’t really go to baby jail because she can’t hear nor see to a point. She can differentiate between light/dark for the most part. I have to flick the light on/off at night so she knows when to come in and during the day she can tell when I have the screen door open or I’ll stand on the back porch waving my hand to come in. And then there are other times when I have to walk out there to get in her line of vision to get her to come in.