Long Time No Posty

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Yep, it’s one heck of a long time. School pretty much killed me this semester. It was a definite shock the difference between Trident and CSU. First and foremost was the lack of structure at CSU compared to Trident. I was going ballistic without it. There was luckily only one class that actually showed what was due, when it was due, and what was needed to complete it which was the English class which was only half of the semester. I had to endure the trials of none of that on 2 full semester classes and a professor on one of them who ended up stop answering my emails which pissed me off and I ended up dropping that class because there was no help. Sure I will have to take it again and with the same professor but I’m going to wait a few semesters before I attempt that again to save my sanity.

I was surprised that I get things shipped to me from each class that is required. Last semester I ended up with a new router and some other networking tools all of which I had. This semester I am taking Geology as one of my classes and received a box of rocks. Kid you not. Should be fun I think.

Anyways, hope you guys had a good Christmas a have a good New Years as well.

In case any of my follows need a laptop, I am also selling one that was used for maybe 6 months tops. This listing is here if you are in need of one. It is a Toshiba Satellite A665-S6086 for $350.00.


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Monday Quiz About Me #83

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Acting Balanced

1. Today is MAKE A HAT day… Will you be participating?
I didn’t know it was hat day but I’m not partial to hats.

2. September is National Chicken Month… Your favorite way to make/eat chicken?
I loves me some chicken. It’s about the only meat I will eat aside from turkey bacon. Chicken is good no matter how you cook it. I’ve roasted a whole chicken in my crockpot for chicken noodle soup. I’ve baked it with Shake N’ Bake and I saute it covered with break crumbs in olive oil.

3. Have you decorated for Autumn yet?
People decorate for this? What do you decorate with and why?

4. Soup season is almost here… Do you make your own soups? Have a favorite?
Honestly I don’t like soupy soups. Know what I mean? Maybe it’s if it’s just broth? I dunno but I won’t drink it. I do like tomato soup though. I also make my own minestrone soup but it’s so full of veggies that I don’t mind and the same with the chicken soup. I also put rice in my chicken soup.

And my question for you is:
Are you already buying gifts for Christmas? Nooooootttt meee. Gift card queen right here.

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Fall Shows – Who’s Ready?

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gothamGotham is one of the biggest I’m excited for as well as Scorpion. I’ve never been one of the diehard Batman fans but Fox might have something here with Gotham and I’m willing to give it a shot, especially since it will be on the same night as Sleepy Hollow.

The Flash is going to be good too. I’ve already seen episode one and can’t wait for the season to start. I’m still on the hunt for the first episode of Gotham but no luck quite yet.

Right now I’m deep in on The Killing seasons on Netflix. I’m in the middle of season 4 so I will finally be done with that this weekend I hope. I pretty much binge watch a lot of shows that way. I remember when my old boss told me to watch Doc Martin and I didn’t sleep for 2 days watching episode after episode on Amazon Prime lol. Now I have the latest season in my cue waiting for it to go free for Prime members so I can watch it because I’ve only caught one episode on PBS. It’s never on at the same time/day each week which baffles me.

Any shows your dying to watch this fall?

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Monday Quiz About Me #82

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Acting Balanced

This be the school edition folks!

1. What was your favourite grade in school?
Senior year, duh. I graduated lol

2. What was your favourite subject?
Math. Love, love, love math. Put a calculus problem in front of me now and I’d look at you stupid though :/

3. What was your least favourite subject?
Science. I actually flunked Physical Science my freshman year in high school because I refused to learn the periodic chart. Hate science.

4. Who was your favourite teacher?
I’d have to say Mr. Pridgeon. I had him my freshman year for Geography and actually was suicidal and went back for World History Honors. He was the meanest and scariest if you ask the kids.

And your question is: Are you glad school is back in? Why or why not.
Yes and no for me. Yes because I’m moving along on my own schedule. No, because I’m not really motivated in a sense that I only had 3 weeks between semesters from one college to the other and never really decompressed from that insane summer session.

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I’m Alive

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schoolbooksI tell you people, never EVER take 2 history classes and a programming class in the same semester over the summer. I thought I was going to lose it near the end having to write all those papers and programs. I did make it and got two A’s and a B. American History is not nearly as interesting to me as World History is.

I had 3 weeks off and I lounged a lot not by choice on some of those days either. I still have my full time job but my cars been giving me a headache with the clutch. I’ve replaced everything I can in the hydraulic clutch system and it STILL gets air in the hydraulic line essentially killing my clutch to the point where I cannot drive it and have to get it towed back to the shop so they can bleed the line – which I really need to learn to do since I can’t afford to buy even a used car at this point due to only making enough money to pay the essentials I have now.

I finally got my financial aid sorted out at a 4-year college to finish a Bachelor’s since employers are pissing me off and won’t accept two associates and 17 years of experience to hire me. Got my student ID and picked up my school books today. Classes start Monday. Should be interesting I guess.

Pepper is still alive and doing a lot better. Doc thought she must have had a really bad urinary infection and me pumping fluids in her for that month or so cleared up her issues and her creatinine came back down to normal. So she just goes in every month for her Polyglycon shots which helps her arthritis and she can move around easier. It’s all about the quality of life now.

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Monday Quiz About Me #81

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Acting Balanced

1. Today, Monday, is National Junk Food Day – do you eat junk food? Favorites?
Who doesn’t? I consider going to Five Guys junk food. It’s not often but every now and then I want that greasy bacon burger!

2. Some people call this time the “Dog Days of Summer” – is that accurate for you? Why or Why Not?
I never really under why people call it the dog days of summer. Is it because it is the summer and dogs are carefree so should we be? Is it because the it’s a doggy playground? What? I love summer. Just wish I could enjoy it more and not have to work.

3. This week also celebrates National Cousins Day – Do you have many cousins? Are you close with your cousins?
I have no earthly idea how many cousins I have as the family is not close. I have seen them once upon a time when I was a kid though and that was it.

4. Are you taking vacation this summer? What are some of your favorite places to go?
Vacation? HAhahahahhahhaha. First, you have to have money to do this. Second, you have to find dog sitters as one of mine is ill and old. Third, you have to work at a place that offers vacation leave. However, if I could split right now I would go to Disney World’s Universal Park and go see the new expanded Harry Potter rides and Diagon Alley!!

And my question is: It’s not really a question, I just finished writing 3 history research papers so my brains fried. Your job is to ask me a question lol

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