I’m Still Alive

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It’s been a loooonnngg time over here on the blog. I finally took summer classes off this summer and have been doing a bunch of nothing. It’s weird and nice at the same time. I still took the kids to kidney camp like I’ve been doing for years and fun was had by all but the ticks this year were bad! I walked around with tweezers there were that many and everybody knew I had them which was a good thing.

I got a new job earlier this year and love it. Learning all sorts of new things and I get to go back to nights which I love.

I had to put Pepper down in January due to multiple issues which culminated into neurological issues to the point where she couldn’t keep her hind legs up anymore. She was 16 years old.

I have since acquired a new addition to the furbaby family this weekend. Meet Snowflake.


The Beagle is having a conniption fit because she wants to play with her so badly and Snowflake isn’t having any of it quite yet. I had her first tucked away in my office but she was meowing a lot so now I have the upstairs stairwell baby gated so the Beagle cant get in there until all is well them. Snowflake ventures downstairs every now and then but heads back upstairs when the Beagle spies her and starts heading towards her. She then goes and hides underneath by bed. Seems like it’s a good spot.

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