Hurricane Katrina = Many Displaced Pets

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I know everybody keeps discussing how all the people need our help, well the animals need our help as well. I received this email this morning and if any of you were thinking about a pet, nows the time to get one before it’s too late for these animals.

All of you are friends and aquaintences of mine, so most are probably aware that I’m crazy about my animals and do a small bit of rescue work when I’m able. I know lots of you have animals that you love a lot too, and may have room for one more. Maybe you were thinking of getting an animals companion for yourself or the animal you already have anyway. I know that if anything were to happen to me, knowing that my animals were taken care of would be one of my first priorities. …Dee This news comes from the group who have been asked to help:

A women in CT is trying to help the animals of Jackson, Mississippi.

Please read this over carefully, time is running out for the displaced, lost, confused, stray and former pets who had homes and owners.

There are over 200 dogs and 150 cats so far that are from Hurricane Katrina. For the time being, they have all been taken to one *temporary* shelter. The FurAngels group has been assured that, other than being frightened, confused, and hungry, all of these animals have been vaccinated and are in good health.
there are people at the shelter who are ready and waiting to take these animals to ANYWHERE they need to go, I repeat, they will transport them ANYWHERE.

I understand that all of us are overloaded. I myself have 5 cats and a dog in a two bedroom apartment, all of which were abandoned, strays, or rescues, but these animals are all homeless. There are dogs and cats of every size, shape, color, and breed now left alone because their owner have been displaced or have died.

They can take care of the animals for a while longer, but not for too long. TIME IS RUNNING OUT for these animals, and many will have to be EUTHANISED if they do not find homes soon.

Please forward this message to whomever you can. If you can help, contact Lydia V. directly at *any time*

REMEMBER, THESE ANIMALS WILL BE TRANSPORTED TO YOU (They are trying to send some photos).

Donations in any form are also desperately needed for the animals – money, dog or cat food, etc.

Contact Lydia V. at 203-515-3024 (Cell)
Home 203-227-5308 email

Also try contacting 1-800-SAVEAPET. They’re in need of foster homes and people who are willing to adopt.

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