Eating Habits

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Why is it when you start eating more healthier and then have something greasy you feel nauseous? I didn’t have any bread for my bologna/cheese sandwich I normally eat for brunch as it were since I can’t eat when I get up or I do get sick so I had breakfast here. Eggs, biscuit and potatoes. Now I do normally eat eggs and biscuits every now and then but I guess the potatoes threw it over the edge or was it the ketchup? I’m sitting here nauseated now.

Anyways, anybody eaten those special pancakes at IHOP yet? I have always wanted to try their pumpkin ones and have yet to do it because I am not really a pancake fiend like some folks. I just as soon forgo those because they are too cakey, that even a word? Well it is now…Back to IHOP, I missed their crepes specials too. I just can’t seem to get out of the normal routine, or maybe it is because I am so set in my ways I don’t want to, of heading to the local restaurant instead of venturing outside that realm.

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Eating Habits