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Soooo, this past Friday morning like 1 AM there was a drive-by right in front of my place. It was a stolen vehicle from Wednesday night that was abandoned around the corner from me after they hit the duplex across the street and tread marks from another vehicle that sped off as they did a car swap as they abandoned the shooting vehicle. I heard all the shots. At first I thought it was gun fire, then at the end I thought it was fire crackers because there are still aholes around here shooting off fireworks. Then a couple minutes later I get a call from my neighbor to see if I was alright because the sheriff’s told her to call me since it was in front of my place. I then proceeded outside like everyone else on the street to see everything yellow taped off.

Two of the SUV’s across the street had been hit as well as the door and window from the place. The sheriff’s think it was drug related which I would believe because cars come and go like there aint no tomorrow from that place. No damage to my property or vehicle luckily. I counted 26 bullet casings so they had to have had a semi-automatic or two considering the short time that went down. These idiots are still on the lose.

Another day in the ‘hood.

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