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Saving for the Future

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 | Other with 1 Comment

Does anybody really think about saving for when they are elderly? I’m lucky enough to have a job that automatically offers a retirement plan. My paycheck is automatically deducted a certain amount each time to add to my retirement plan as well as the hospital putting in their share. I honestly do not think there will be any Social Security money left by the time I hit 65 and am able to collect it.

I have always wanted to delve into the stock market but do not have the capital to do such a thing. I pretty much live paycheck to paycheck. There is always that hope of winning the lottery but that might just ensure more problems because you have an excess amount of money you never had before. Whenever I buy a lottery ticket I always think if I win big I need to speak to a financial adviser because I know from watching shows I would need to set up some sort of trust fund or estate plan for family and philanthropy. I always want to help out with the local charities with money but you have to have excess money to be able to do that. I also would want to gain my entrance into the stock market and possibly some real estate ventures. Since I have no MBA degree I would need someone to help me and actually tell me I’m going down the wrong path and about to lose huge amounts of money which financial advisers do.

Unfortunately, you cannot bank on winning the lottery as a savings plan so we must resort to other means. Living frugally, extra hours at work, or second jobs. We do what we must to survive in this lonely world. That has got to be from a song right?

Travelling Wisely

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 | Nature, Other with Comments Off on Travelling Wisely

The farthest I have been away from home is when I lived in Germany for many years due to my father being in the Air Force. We got to travel while over there to see the sites. Now being back in the states I still travel to different states to see the places I am interested in. Makes you wonder some times if you do not have a decent job with insurance, what happens to you while you go on vacation? We see kids here more often than I care to see become ill enough to need to be admitted to the hospital and some without insurance. If you travel from state to state and have private insurance your pretty much safe. If you have Medicaid not so much because those are on a state per state basis. If you have no insurance you are screwed. Makes you think maybe I need some travel insurance especially if you happen to be going overseas. I mean, I would love to go visit Dubai, Australia, and South America but would Blue Cross really pay if I become ill?

Buying travel health insurance can be a smart move. Not only will it pay for medical bills but it can also cover cancellation costs, lost luggage, travel delay (we could all claim this), loss of income, personal liability, out of pocket expenses, hijacking, etc. Those are just a few of what you could get. It is very affordable which I did not realize either, because I always get asked if I’m booking trips if I would like any insurance, that travel insurance is very reasonable. I just did an estimate of some travel insurance for myself for a week in June and it came out to only $59. The only questions were where I am originating from, the dates of the trip, and my age. Dependent children or grandchildren under the age of 21 can be added to the policy for free. Now that is unheard of in this day and age and even sweetens the deal if you plan on a family vacation which I would never do. I want to have fun on my vacations.

Gift Buying for Men

Friday, March 16th, 2007 | Other, Technology with 4 Comments

Okay, lets face it, men are hard to buy for. I have never really quite gotten that one special gift for any of the guys I have been with and with the last one I mainly bought clothes which is what he always needed because they were getting trashed when he worked. Now more recently the physician I work for is a gadgets freak and loves playing with any sort of mechanical toys. If you can find out what they like playing with why not buy them those things? Like last christmas I bought him a mini remote controlled airplane which he flew off his front deck of his house along the beach.

The Men’s Gift Guide is a wealth of information whether you are looking for gift suggestions, reviewing products or just having some questions answered. If you are truly stuck for an idea, they have some page resources for you to start looking through to help give you more ideas to get that one perfect gift for your man.

Bausch & Lomb Recall Again

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007 | Health, Other, Personal with 2 Comments

ReNu Contact Lens Solution Recall this time around is for their MultiPlus Solution which is what I use. Now what is even worse is that it is from the same plant that they had the recalls for last time in Greenville, SC. Now I don’t know what the hecks going on up there but someone needs to figure it out. I’m betting all of our solution comes from that plant considering I am in the same friggin state. So now I’m going to have to look at all of my bottles and see if it’s from the contaminated batches just like the last ones. I’d love to get the Lasik surgery done so I won’t have to deal with these recalls anymore but it is still a bit too expensive for me and as bad as my nearsightedness is, there is no guarantee that it will completely resolve it.

Spoiled Dogs

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007 | Animals, Other, Personal, Technology with Comments Off on Spoiled Dogs

I mean who would not spoil a cutie like that. Ya I probably have some of the most spoiled dogs out there. I buy them everything including, toys, bones, beds, and blankets. You name it and I’ve probably gotten it. With one of my dogs not liking the rain, I should probably get her a dog raincoat. But then she’d be running around my backyard with a raincoat on and the neighbors might think I’ve lost my mind then. I guess so long as she would go out there, then I really would not care. Now the other one has no problems with the rain and will stand out there just for the sake of standing out there. She has no sense I tell ya.

Norton Antivirus Free

Saturday, February 24th, 2007 | General, Other, Technology with 2 Comments

Yes folks, I said free Norton Antivirus download. You cannot beat that especially when it is a Norton Product. I have been using Norton for YEARS and haven’t had any complaints with it what so ever. I have not gotten any sort of bug on my system when this has been on either. You can set it to scan your computer at night when you are not using it so it does not interfere with you being on it. And you can get it now free from Google. Now if you do not trust your own friends and computer repair person, you can get reviews from CNet and PC Magazine. It just irks me when friends call me to find out why their computer are not functioning as when they got it from the store and it is because they do not have a firewall and antivirus. It just takes a little bit of common sense to know these will help you in the long run from having too many problems especially if you sit on the internet whether it be for fun, games or work.