Bunny Kicks

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IMG_20150727_212116 The Beagle has finally stopped slobbering all over the kitteh. Snowflake now does bunny kicks with Stormy’s tail but when she starts biting it, that’s enough for her. I’ve also found out Snowflake is a little hoarder. She will nab her toys, the dogs toys, my hair ties and tuck them nicely away underneath the recliner that I use to dump things on. I’ve also found a pile of tissues in there. She even likes to grab my dish towel when I have it in my hand and run off with it. That also goes to the hoarding pile if I don’t grab her first, else I have to fish it out. She has so much energy it’s wild. She was getting up at 4 AM but now it’s around 5 AM. In about 2 weeks I go to nights so we’ll see how they both adjust to that schedule. I haven’t been on nights in almost 20 years and honestly I can’t wait to get back to them.

I’m thinking of buying a window sill seat for her for the downstairs because it’s almost to the ground so she can see but not sure about it because then I’d have to leave the blinds up for her to see and everybody can then see in my place. I don’t really care for that.

I also had to get Snowflake weighed to see if she could get flea/heartworm treatment. I figured she was maybe a pound and a half but nope, 2 lbs 14 oz. Still feels really light lol

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