Baby Jail

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Okay, the conversation in clinic just gets weirder and weirder. Todays clinic was only a half a day. We ended up talking about baby jail. What is baby jail you ask? Daycare. He couldn’t figure out why people would drop their child off in baby jail and then pick them up like 10-12 hours later. Well, duh, most families can’t afford to have 1 person stay at home with a child. It’s not like years ago when he had his kids lol He then asked me if I was ever in baby jail. Nope. I remember our neighbor watching us before we went to Germany and then the nice Japanese couple upstairs watching us and then we had our grandmother when we came back and then didn’t need anybody watching us after school.

Apparently he thinks baby jail is like caging up a puppy. You let them out to play a bit, water and feed them, and put out the puppy pad so they can pee. I bet you are just dying to know what else we talk about lol

I’ll tell you about what else we talked about a little later. It was a movie that we apparently missed watching last night but in all fairness he never called me to tell me I needed to watch it. I’m not a mind reader you know 😛

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