Working At Home

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I work at home for my part-time job and I must say if I could do this full time and get paid what I want I’d probably do it. It’s so refreshing to just wake up from your bed, walk into the next room in your jammies and start working. I do this all the time on the weekend. Work at home business opportunities are plenty. You just have to do a little searching on the internet because it’s almost always an internet job that you would be able to find to do at home. You are able to have flexible hours when you work at home and save gas from not having to go to an actual building.

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    Sophisticated Writer // December 16th, 2006 at 4:42 PM

    Blogmad always drives me here, but I’m glad actually. I like your blog :mrgreen:

    I totally agree and relate to what you say. As a matter of fact I want to blog about the joys of working from home soon 🙂 Working in your jammies with your hot favorite coffee blend in your coffee mug… The warmth of your own room, listening to music while it’s raining and howling outside is worth a lot which is why I’m scared of losing my current online job…

    I should work harder on my current WIP. I really want to be a published author soon so I can WRITE from home (two of my fave ever things in the world)! Take care.