Wildlife Goes Traveling

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gator So I forgot to post about all the wildlife coming out from their hiding spots since this tropical storm dumped a lot of rain on us this past week.

We got out of class a little early on Thursday due to the inclement weather. I took one of my classmates home, as he walks to and from the college because he lives so close, because it was raining. On the way to his house I was already right up on it as I was trying to miss it, and said I think I just ran over a snake. My friend goes, yeah I think you did too lol. Now, on the way back I didn’t find it at all in the middle of the road so I must have missed it, thankfully. I didn’t feel my tires go up a little bit, because if you’ve ever run over anything you can tell.

Then I happened to catch on twitter that this morning a driver ran over an alligator on one of the roads. The picture you see above. I guess the wildlife thought, high water, my time to venture out and explore. A lot of flooding was going on all over the place. You can read the story about it here which is where the picture came from.

And on the by and by I did manage to do all my quizzes and one exam. Oddly enough the time was increasing one each test by 5 minutes and the exam for 45 question was 60 minutes. So exam 1 – 15 question/15 minutes, exam 2 – 15 questions/20 minutes, exam 3 – 15 questions/25 minutes. Weird no?

Image source: http://www.live5news.com/story/22529374/driver-hits-8-foot-gator-on-ashley-phosphate-calls-911

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    // June 10th, 2013 at 2:57 PM

    Is that alligator breathing fire?! Or is it the sunset reflecting on his creepy scales?! Lol!