When I’m Old

07/26/2011 @ 2:12 PM | Health with Comments Off on When I’m Old | Print This Post

Recently one of my coworkers has had a rash of her family and extended family die from either natural causes or accidents. Makes you wonder what it will be like when you become older, if not ancient, by the children’s standards of age. Will there finally be those flying cars? Will there be a cure for cancer and any other disease out there? Who knows but it will be an interesting time to say the least.

Back to my coworker though. I have to wonder, as some of them were fairly old, if they had . You may have seen some of the commercials out about them. They might look silly to some of us but I know they do work well. One of my other coworkers father had one before he started becoming senile and needed a sitter with him during the day. He ended up using it a couple of times when he fell and could not get to a phone because they called me first to track down my coworker. Just makes you wonder if any of the elderly take for granted that they can live by themselves without a full caretaker. I know when I become old I will probably need one of these because I am not one who likes people coming to visit me all the time. I am a loner, have always been a loner, and always will be one. So this will help in case I fall down and need help. I can totally understand why some of the elderly get so ornery now because it is almost like losing some of your freedom when you end up having a caretaker of some sort even if it is for your or our own safety and health.

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