What’s that Saying?

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hills Pet Nutrition for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Kids will eat you out of house and home. Well animals can go that too, especially if you have big animals. I have actually been a regular user of Hill's Pet Nutrition for years. When my cat was alive she was prone to frequent urinary tract infections as she was one of those pet store pets before they finally shut them down. The food was bite size and she would just inhale it when she ate. She did not need to chew it but of course some days she ended up tossing it back up with fur balls and go right back to the bowl to fill her belly up again.

The dogs, on the other hand, could eat me out of house and home as much as they eat. A 20 lb bag of food lasts almost 2 weeks. I always buy the diet food since one of them is pudgy. You can register now and receive $30 in coupon offers at Hill's Healthy Mobility Coupon. So if you are a little apprehensive in trying it now is a good time. As a bonus when you register to obtain the coupons you automatically get registered for the sweepstakes to win dog food for a year for FREE. There will be 30 winners selected to win free pet food for a year. Be sure to check out the Hill's Healthy Mobility Challenge in case you have an athletic dog. When Pepper was is in her prime she might have been able to compete in this but she will be 14 this year so let's let her just chase after the squirrels in the back yard. The Beagle, well, she'd need to lose like 15 lbs first. Of course I'd have to get her awake and off of the couch first.

Be sure you like Hill's Pet Nutrition on Facebook as well as get more information and updates. The main website has a lot of information about which food is geared toward your dog or cats needs. I remember the cat food I used had a different name than what it is now. I plan on adopting another cat soon and will go right back to buying Hill's Science Diet food again because I know it is good for them and I trust in their products.

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