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What I’ve Learned Today

I’ve been surfing around since this week is totally dead because everybody and there brother is on vacation. I’ve learned a few things I didn’t already know so I’m going to pass them on to you. Aren’t you just so lucky?

Firstly, we have Amazon’s Price Drop Policy [1] which in itself means that if you buy something from Amazon and the price drops within 30 days you can go to their Return & Refunds section to request your refund of the price difference. Now this is handy and I’m betting not even 1% of the people shopping Amazon aside from the employees friends/family if they tell them know this.

Secondly, we have the PocketMod [2] which you can make at home or at work (which I tested out already) and has many uses that might be appealing. I personally use alot of these features like note taking and/or keeping up with my calendar on my phone but in case you don’t have one or do not like to use it for that reason other than using it as a phone this might be an option for you as it is compact and uses only one piece of paper. You can even make your own telephone/address book which reminds me I can’t find mine. Anyways, kudos to these folks.

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#1 Comment By T. On 12/29/2005 @ 9:17 PM

I like your template a lot. I miss the falling snow! Sigh…Christmas is over, I guess. No more snow at the beach.

#2 Comment By Ivy On 12/29/2005 @ 10:46 PM

Everywhere seems to be dead right now. Everyone I know is gone. So i’ve been browsing too.. Found you on BlogExplosion

#3 Comment By Viki On 12/30/2005 @ 7:41 PM

Thanks for the tip on the Amazon price drop policy. I had no idea, and I spent a gazillion or so dollars at Amazon for most of my Christmas presents this year. I think I’ll go see if the price dropped on any of them.

Your blog is pretty. I found you via BlogAdvance.