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What are the Eagles Doing?

[1] Last night I hear that Vick will now become the starter for the Eagles. All well and good since I don’t think Kolb can cut it but it should have never come down to it to begin with. As in they should have kept McNabb. But that’s my opinion obviously. And seriously Philly, why do a front cover like this? I mean he’s done his time and is trying to make better choices in his life now.

Sure Vick’s 3 years younger and technically he hasn’t been on the field as much due to the jail stent but he’s kept in shape. He’s learned, probably from McNabb, to stay in the pocket more instead of running all over the field. Lord we don’t need no damn Tebow on the team. Aside from that I think McNabb and Vick have similar ways of doing things even though ones a lefty and ones a righty.

Beyond the fact that McNabb got traded why trade him to a team in our same division no less? I seriously think Washington will make it to the divisionals this year because they have him now. Sure he hasn’t won us a superbowl and that’s what most people only care about but he did get us to many divisionals and won them so why stab him in the back?

Oh and I read also today that Hank Baskett was let go again. Well okay, he was traded last season but still. The poor fella can’t catch a break. I don’t even remember seeing him on the field of the first 2 games, games of which I only got to see when other games were done because I don’t have the NFL network 😡 Where is he going to go now?

LeSean McCoy is doing a damn good job replacing Westbrook though. Hopefully Westbrook does well in SF :uhh: