What a Day

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Well my day actually sort of ended around 2 AM as I finally painted the kitchen. The only room not painted now is my bedroom and I’m thinking it ain’t gonna get done for years to come lol I still have the trim to do on the stairs and the hallway trim upstairs and the bathroom trim actually since I never did it when I painted that room. Then I’ll be done with the painting for some time. I then had to get up at 7 AM because a friend was dropping off her 2 dogs for me to watch as she goes to Disney with her kids. Little did I know one of them was a 7 month old puppy. I knew she had 2 but I hadn’t been over to her place since she got the new dog so I was a little surprised to say the least lol. As any animal person knows it is nothing but excitement for this little guy and he’s one of those piddlers when he gets excited kind too :uhh: So ya, this will be interesting. At least it really won’t matter for the living room carpet since I’m going to rip it out and replace it with vinyl anyways. She was late dropping them off though. Should have known really because she’s late for everything.

Since I was off I had scheduled my cable company to stop over to give me my digital box and swap my internet outlet to my room. I don’t know why I couldn’t pick up the box, I can hook it into my TV just as well as that guy did. But then the snafu came when I left and came back and couldn’t get it to work. I had to call them up to get it figured out. Apparently you have to use THEIR remote to shut off the TV and turn it back on for it to catch the TV and cable box because the box turns off when the TV goes off. That’s messed up because on my way out in the morning I push the button on the TV because the TV’s right next to the door.

Then I also had the plumber to come by to see if he could do something with the fiasco of a tub I have. I tell you the mickey mouse job on this is horrendous. Never get your friends to fix things like this owner did. It just goes bad. I can’t clean this shit because the silicon comes off when I scrub it. I bought new handles the other day since the guy was coming and I have to go back out to get another set because for some stupid reason they decided to change some of the stems and the cold water stem is larger than the other 2 so the knob doesn’t fit that one. Idiots. As you can tell they actually used a butter lid to do that redneck fix. :nono: In the end I didn’t get him to fix it because he gave me a quote of around $200 and I wasn’t willing to shell that out. I was willing to do under $100 just to get it fixed. Now I’m going to have to beg to get it fixed like everything else around here.

Then I trekked my 2 dogs down to the vet to get their nails cut because I can’t grind one of them because she refuses to sit still for it so it’s the old fashioned clipping with the nail cutter. Pepper gets the nail cutter and then the grinder because hers grow so fast. She’s had her nails quicked like 3-4 times when she’s has surgery to remove lipomas. She actually could do for another round but I’m not going to do it because she’s getting older. She’s due for her annual exam this month I found out as well as Stormy so I’ll get that done in the next 2 weeks and make them draw some blood on Pepper to make sure her innards are doing okay. She had a semi elevated liver panel last time.

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