Weird Dreams

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Sometimes I wonder why we have weird dreams. What brings them on? What dictates how weird their going to be? And why does it seem that we only remember those upon waking?

Last night/early this morning I had a dream that I was living in a multilevel apartment building and I was somewhere in the middle. Apparently an earthquake happened during the night and when I groggily went into the bathroom to take a shower I noticed I had a pink tub instead of the beige one with the nozzle and knobs on the wrong side of the bathtub. Then I realize I’m standing in water and for some odd reason the toilet seat is down with something heavy on top of it. So first I open up the toilet seat to see what the deal is and find a big ass catfish in there, red in color so I slam that back down and put whatever it was back on top. Then I’m like okay well I need a shower this’ll have to do so I hop in for a REALLY QUICK shower and first begin to wonder where the water is going to drain out and realize there’s still a hole in between my tub and the one on top of it so the water can drain out. So I take a shower and hop out, then put clothes on to go next door so show the neighbor what happened which is when I find out that there was an earthquake.

Then I wake up. Very, very odd. We don’t even normally have big earthquakes down here.

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    shove // July 29th, 2005 at 1:17 PM

    Dreams are weird, but now and again I reckon they give you some sort of insight as to what’s going on in your head. I usually get dreams about tidal waves when I’ve got a big decision to make. The best “premonition” type dream I’ve had was that I was standing on a stage with my head master, and we were having a spitting competition… ikky eh? Anyway, the next day I go to school and I have an almighty row with head master and get suspended for a day. I looked up the dream on my day off and it was interpreted as “having an argument with an autorative figure”.

    Since then I’ve always been aware of what dreams may tell you (with a little loose interpretation) I just wish I could remember more of them.