Vacation Week

07/03/2008 @ 9:56 AM | Personal with Comments Off on Vacation Week | Print This Post

And it sorta sucks. I was bored after Monday even though I actually went to the beach and to my bosses house to use his pool since he was only a few streets from the beach, hit the gym and met some friends up at Brecks. Tuesday/Wednesday I worked 4 hours and hit the gym and now today I don’t have anything to do nor for tomorrow. I know I’m going to watch Wanted and Hancock today and tomorrow and go to the gym. Can’t go back to the beach because I got toasted while I was in the pool. Damn reflections.

Still waiting for the owner of my duplex to fix the mold problem in my utility room. Not sure how long that is going to take but its spreading fast due to the heat. And she even knows its coming from her side due to the water heater being right there as well as her washer/dryer. This is insane.

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