Vacation Days

11/10/2007 @ 11:47 AM | Personal with Comments Off on Vacation Days | Print This Post

I have no idea how I am going to manage taking all these days off soon. Yesterday I was off and was up by about 8:30 AM, tried going back to sleep after I did my good deed which was calling a friend once I read her email to make sure she got up at 9:30 AM. Actually she was quite lucky I was so anal to walk over to the computer room and check my email since I was up because otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it. Of course I’m usually at work so it wouldn’t normally have been an issue. Either way, I’m already bored stiff. No money really to do anything since I paid my bills and still have another bill to pay next week when I don’t really get paid until the following week.

I’m also in discussions with a website from where I ordered my first bluetooth headset for my phone back on the 1st and didn’t here anything from them until I got a phone message from UPS and I was like eh? So I checked my email acct that I use when buying things because I don’t like spam and sure enough they finally sent something on the 7th saying it was getting mailed but why didn’t they send an email saying we got your order and will be shipping soon or something? Heck, Paypal had already canceled the order because it didn’t go through after 6 days. Now it went through and I had refused the package so it is on the way back to them and I sent them an email using that account that the item is coming back to them and that they need to refund my money as I already ordered it from someplace else.

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