Upgrading a Rental Yourself

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Would you do it? How long should one stay in the rental to get full use of said item(s) before taking a loss since the owner does not repair/replace anything? I’m seriously debating on doing some upgrades just so my living habitat is more to my liking and ease. The first couple things would be to completely take out the first floor carpet, which is on concrete by the way, and either do cheap wood floors or just paint the concrete because I despise carpet and the carpet that is now currently down is not even tacked to the floor anymore and no amount of carpet cleaners can get this clean as it is probably close to 15 years old. It is literally the same carpet that was put in right before I moved in.

Now another thing is the kitchen sink. It constantly drips. It has been replaced once already and if I remember correctly for the same thing. Personally, I like the undermount stainless steel sinks but this ones not that. Of course there are cheap counter tops to so you do the math. I just want the dripping to stop and a new sink would fix that completely. I could even get a faucet set that I like too. I have to make sure I place faucet just right of the center that separates the two sides so I don’t hear it drip because it drives me insane.

Then there is the dripping faucet in the bath tub too. I’ve replaced those knobs quite a few times from other issues but would replacing the knob itself stop the dripping in that? I’m not really sure. The entire thing needs to be redone because the morons who fixed it last put a butter lid to cover where the attachment to the tub latch is supposed to be and I can’t clean it without destroying the goo that covers it. Hence, its gross and if I take the goo off it the butter lid will come down and most likely a huge hole behind it.

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