Two Weeks Off

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Last semester ended two weeks ago. Classes started back today. Just from looking at the schedule I’m going to be scarce even more so than usual. At least the software is updated to using Windows 7 this time around. Last semester they were still having me fix Windows Vista which I don’t even own. That’s the second worst operating system Microsoft has put out. ME was the worst. I’m on Windows 7 Ultimate now for some time. It’s even a legit version this time around. 😀

Financial aid effed up my account again this semester and good thing I went there first before going to the bookstore because it would have been a waste of time and still essentially was. I sat and waited in line for 2 hours for about 2 minutes of an answer. To the dude: I would like to make sure I have money allotted for my books this semester and next. Dude goes on his little computer and says: Your tuition is going through now you can pick up your books on Monday. Me on the way out the door: WTF? I was actually going to start reading some of the chapters to get ahead but noooo. I go pick my books up today – money is there – YEAH – 1 book not in – BOO. Now I have to call everyday until it does come in so I can pick it up and it has come in by September 2nd or else I cannot use my financial aid anymore. Of course that would be 2 weeks INTO classes already so really, hows that going to play out when assignments are due next week? Ugh :uhh:

I have one professor I remember from one of my other courses. You should read her syllabus – TONS of spelling errors and such. I don’t understand how this got put out there. Drives me batty. She loves using a lot of weird symbols too as well as fonts.

Guess I need to download and import my calendars from the classes to my personal calendar and actually keep up with it this semester lol Just wish my calendar would sync properly with my phone since I don’t open my laptop every damn day. *sigh*

Edited to add: Good grief – I just exported my calendars and the crazy professor never bothered to change the dates on the assignment schedule so it is all back from spring of 2009!! WTF?

FYI: Song I can’t get enough of these days Bruno Mars – Marry You – listen to it, snappy little beat.

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    // August 23rd, 2011 at 9:29 AM

    Ugh school. After I graduated I was FREEEEEEEEE. Jobless, but free. Then I had kids and homeschool them. It’s school ALL OVER AGAIN four times over!!!! Gahhhhhhh!!!