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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of TiVo. All opinions are 100% mine.

Most everybody I know has either DVRs or TiVos while I still bust out the VHS to tape 1 show at a time if need be although I haven’t done that in years because A. I never got around to watching the episode and B. the VHS is broken now but still plugged in because it would be too much work to undo it from the set up I have currently with the cable, DVD player, etc. It’s jacked up to say the least and I don’t even have a cable box. Just plain ole standard cable.

I’m way excited about the Fall TV line up but what ticks me off about the whole thing right now is that I won’t be able to catch most of the shows. Either they are on at the same time so I have to pick which one to watch for the entire season because I do not like watching one show one week and another show another week; or I just don’t have time because I am back in school again and slammed with homework since it pretty much all is homework since I do not physically go to class. They are all online classes. I was interested in checking out Hawaii Five-0, Undercovers, and The Defenders. Then my old favorites of course being Fringe and NCIS. I’m just glad the USA network and TNT has their new shows on the off season so they do not compete because I’d never catch up.

TiVo’s having a contest for a new TiVo Slide to be sure to Enter to Win by today, September 22, 2010. Today is the deadline people. And if you win make sure you send that to me pronto! You can also be a friend on their Facebook Fan Page too so you can keep up with anything and everything related to TiVo.

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