Time Escapes Me

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You know I can only remember ever owning about 3-4 watches. I prefer the mens watches to the ladies because of the bigger face and the fact that I can get the chronograph watches to my liking, not to mention water resistant to a pretty deep depth should the need arise. So long as the chronograph watch has military time, the date and actual day I’m good. You’d be surprised how time escapes you while you are working at the hospital. If you happen to be on a nights doing a long stretch they all sort of meld together after a while.

This particular dolce and gabbana watch pictured above has a couple of the features I like but not quite all of them. I also like the metal bands and thick faces because I wear my watch face on the underside of my arm, and the metal bands because the leather ones just do not cut it for me. I end up ripping them because I’ll get the watch snagged on something because I can never get the bands small enough even with taking out links because I have such small wrists. I do like them somewhat loose so it ends up being okay in the long run.

I think this Christmas I’m going to finally buy another one because I get sick of trying to find a clock where ever I am in the hospital or search for where I dumped my phone underneath some papers. I have one saved in my Amazon wishlist so hopefully it will still be available when the time comes.

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