The Mist

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I can’t mention enough how much I love reading Stephen Kings books and watching his movies. Well, depending on which movies they are. I mean I understand that some of the stuff cannot be formated for television due to the length and/or the depth of some of the books but they can come pretty close. My favorite is probably be Desperation and Dreamcatcher. Having those turn into movies would be an interesting twist if you ask me.

The Mist by Stephen King is another one of his books that is being turned into a movie and probably will be just as scary if not more so than 1408. It is sort of eerie having a mist come up out of no where and then people dying off. What does the mist want, why is the mist alive. You have to either read the book or watch the movie to find these answers out. Check out The Mist’s website to catch the trailer if you have not seen it on the television yet. There is also a special internet only trailer so don’t miss that either. By the by, have you noticed how a lot of the characters float from one movie to the next? I think I see it in some of them but they are such good actors, why not?

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