The Gym

10/04/2007 @ 9:55 PM | General with Comments Off on The Gym | Print This Post

Okay well it is really the Y but that’s not the point because it still has all the gym equipment in it. How many of you actually people watch while you are there? Probably most of you, if not all because I mean what else are you going to do? The TV might not have what you want to see on it and the music doesn’t stop you from looking around. There is this one lady that comes in a few times a week when I am there and only gets on the treadmill. She puts her little headphones and rocks on I guess to whatever music it is she’s got pipping in that thing. What kills me is how she walks on that treadmill, it is at such a low speed and I can’t even describe this walk. It’s more of a prissy kind of walk I guess with her hips going really wide. It’s like she’s trying to hook herself a man in the place or something. She must be like pushing 60 I guess? I dunno… :/

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