Thanks Atlanta Bread

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I love that place. I’d probably eat there more often had I have enough money to waste as they are kind of expensive. I like getting the half and half with a tuna sandwich on sourdough and the Chopstix salad with Asian Sesame dressing. Well, I gave it a shot the other night to make my own version. I went and bought some sliced almonds, chicken, the chinese chopstix things, Asian toasted sesame dressing from Kraft and some lettuce and tomato. I left out the mandarin oranges because I always eat those first as I don’t like the dressing on them but I did add some cheese and cooked my chicken with some lemon pepper spice from Mrs. Dash. Was yummy if I do say so myself and quite easy as I usually cut up my chicken when I get it home from the store and put each chicken breast in its own tinfoil since it is just me. That way I don’t have to waste any or have leftovers because one chicken breast is good enough for just me.

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