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Earlier today as I was watching You’ve Got Mail while doing a few miles on my treadmill it dawned on me that we would all be lost without any sort of technology. I mean just in that hour I was using electricity, television, cable and some sort of electronics in the treadmill. I think we all honestly take technology for granted. Imagine the things you use most on a daily basis. Like for me it would be the stove, computer, cable, television and telephone. To me it’s unfathomable to not being able to do any of these things. Exactly what would I be doing with my time then? I guess firstly I would be reading but then books are made by printing presses so their really wouldn’t be many of those around before the press. I guess it would be a harsh reality for quite a lot of folks if for some reason all of this didn’t exist just like that.

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#1 Comment By Jack On 07/31/2007 @ 3:07 PM

It is amazing how much of our lives are spent using technology. Our day to day routines would be drastically interrupted with even the smallest amount of technology being removed. Great thoughts.