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T minus 15 Days

And football will start. That is to say NFL football [1] will start. I think I might be over doing it in the fantasy football leagues though as if I am counting right I am registered for 4 now? Most of those are usually on auto cruise anyway unless there is a bye week. My prediction is that the Eagles will not make it this year to the division title without McNabb.

What about college football you say? College football is just practice football and arena football is pretend practice football. I’m sure there are loads of people I just offended from that but hey, that’s how I feel. I just can’t figure out why college ball does not have the same rules as the NFL when they are just going to be moving up into that role anyways. The only reason I watched college ball last year was when I was at the gym and they were playing a Florida game when Tebow was QB. It just dumbfounded me on why he was in that position because he’s not a QB in my opinion. He belongs in the RB position. So then I took it on a personal mission to watch those games so I could see him get trampled by the oncoming tacklers and always rooted for the other team no matter who it was. Now I can just not watch it anymore unless you people can tell me of another wannabe QB that doesn’t belong in that position.

Sadly enough I have yet to make it to an actual NFL game though. Had the chance once but had a tragedy with one of my pets and I was in no mood to go to the superbowl. I know, I know I missed my shot at watching my beloved Eagles. I am thinking about getting some tickets this year for something close by and using a StubHub coupon code [2] will help me shave off some of the high prices for better seats. I don’t care to be in the nosebleed section. I’ve had enough of those to last me when going to concerts which StubHub could also help me get as well. So remember Stubhub for your entertainment ticket purchases.

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#1 Comment By Tarheel Rambler On 08/25/2010 @ 1:28 PM

I gave up on the National Felons League a long time ago. Many of the “stars” are over-paid prima donnas only interested in collecting their bloated paychecks and being catered too. There is no real dedication to the game.

College football is only marginally better because the main purpose for many players is to be able to add to their bling collection at the pro level. But there are some who will never play pro, yet still excel at the game.