Sunday Night

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Just a Sunday night watching this new series of the Army Wives and so far it seems to be pretty good. I like how the cable stations put out new series during the summer and have their “fall season” during the summer because I always have something to watch especially on the USA network. They have Starter Wife that started last week and it was good. Now I am waiting for Burn Notice to start next week I think to see how that one goes. USA puts out some excellent series even if they are a cable network. I always watch the Dead Zone, Monk and used to watch 4400 but it just got away from me. The on FX we have Nip/Tuck and Dirt but I wasn’t impressed with Rescue Me or The Riches. I would watch some shows on HBO but I don’t pay for extended cable because I do not want to pay for the box and now that my cable company isn’t going to be offering the NFL network, which is bullshit, I definitely won’t be getting any extended cable.

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