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Well, my scheduled post didn’t show up early this morning. Stupid WordPress. I finally got it to publish now. Arrgh. Today was busy running all my errands. Every time I have off I cram all sorts of things in to do because they wouldn’t get done otherwise which is why working days sucks big time. So todays list includes: Getting the oil changed in the car, buying a some leaf bags and a new water hose, washed the car, bought some gift cards for the coworkers, bought some gifts for the coworkers, bought some gifts for friends, mulched up a lot of the leaves and raked the rest of them into piles because I couldn’t mow over them, went to the gym and then had to come home to shower because their hot water heater broke an hour before I was ready to hop in the shower. The biggest thing though, for me anyways, was going to the mall because I despise it, and bought 1 gift there and then spent an obscene amount of time in one of the book stores and got 3 books and probably will go back to get some more because they had the hardback books on sale like they always do and there are some more that I could use 🙂

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