Stormys Lost Weight

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Every now and then I check both the dogs collars to make sure they are not too tight or too loose depending on if they gain or lose weight. Now Stormy is overweight but recently her collar has been really loose which makes me think she’s losing too much weight too fast. Oddly enough when I checked Pepper’s collar hers was a little too tight. And I’m like what’s going on. Pepper is getting up there in age as she is 12 this year so this didn’t go over to well in my mind. She had some blood work drawn when she had her last surgery which I believe makes it about 4 or 5 surgeries now for either lipoma removal and/or her nails being quicked because they grow so freaking fast.

After a while I got to thinking about when I had them in puppy jail (ie the kennel) for when I was in Tennessee for our kidney camp. They immediately take their collars off when I drop them off and place cheap paper collars on with their names until I come back to pick them up. I figure they must have mixed them up when they put them back on the dogs right before I picked them up. Both of their ID tags fell off because the metal got rubbed away and both of their collars happen to be blue. Go figure.

All this makes me wonder though if I shouldn’t just get them both back in to see the vet to have them checked out just in case they weren’t mixed up. More money out of my pocket that I don’t have at the moment obviously and they both are healthy. Sometimes I wish pet insurance is comparable to our health insurance in price and what they pay for because it might be worth obtaining. Searching around to compare pet insurance might be worth my while. If I could find one that includes puppy jail even better. That’s at least a one time a year deal although if it were cheaper maybe more. Homeowners could use this for the liability part of it should an accident happen at the house. Think about it.

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