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Sports are Dangerous

It was like a free for all this past weekend in the NFL. Watching the games actually made me more mad than anything. The injuries alone are enough to tick off quite a few people actually if you think about it.

Eagles vs Redskins: McNabb got an ovation and then was booed. Well, okay, its not like he hasn’t been booed before but dang. He wasn’t the one who asked to get traded. He got the Eagles to 5 NFC championships and a superbowl spot. Sure he didn’t win them a ring but damn that’s pretty good for 10 years.

Vick goes down after he gets sandwiched between two guys and ends up with rib cartilage injury. McCoy actually got a broken rib but still played. He HAD to have been hurting.

Then they were doing stories that Garcia might come back. He’s in the UFL now if you weren’t keeping track. He said in the story no he’s not. Guess he couldn’t find a NFL team to take him as first string. Come on back, a few more QBs got the sack. I’m sure they could use you.

Giants vs Bears: I mean this game just was bad. The Giants took out 2 quarterbacks and Cutler finally got taken out after being sacked, what 9-10 times? He even had a concussion and was still playing. And was it Jacobs or Bradshaw that effed up a TD because he saw himself on the big screen and had to look?

A few players were suspended, a few more are coming back from suspension and a coach fined for flipping the bird. Geezussss peoples.