Sponsored Lectures

01/07/2010 @ 8:42 PM | Health, Nature with Comments Off on Sponsored Lectures | Print This Post

I love it when we have sponsored lecturers. Not only are we getting an informative lecture but we get free dinner to boot. Now that’s nice especially when we go to some of the more prominent establishments downtown and essentially is free bar. Last time I got gypped on dessert because the person I picked up wanted to leave early. I want my dang cheesecake you know. Sure I know I don’t NEED it but dang it I WANT it and you know it’s the good stuff. This time we are going to High Cotton. I know y’all are jealous 😀

Now this little event will be in a couple weeks and I can only hope that the weather is NOT going to be as cold as it has been this week. This is insane. And I saw on a news story yesterday about North Dakota at -50 with wind chill. 😯 Who WANTS to live in that kind of cold? Are you people insane? Do you hibernate during the winter? Do you have enough wood to burn because I can’t imagine the A/C-Heat units keeping the place warm. It would be running 24/7 I would imagine. The weather peoples keep saying that bad word of snow here and the schools are already going to start 2 hours late just in case. What wimps.

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