Spiders, Moles, and Mold – Oh My

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Ya you heard right. I got home last night and tossed my keys on the key ring by the door when something fairly big fell to the carpet and as I was looking down it was hauling butt underneath my couch. Can’t be good I was thinking. Big ole spiders already? Not good. I start pulling out the couch blindly thinking I would find it to stomp but of course not, it is underneath the couch probably clinging to it and I’m not brave enough to go and put my hand down there to feel around. For all I know it could be another Brown Recluse.

I’m beginning to mow the lawn when the owner comes out the front door asking me if the utility room was still leaking. I told her it never leaked but the mold is still growing and some guy she had out there months, ya MONTHS ago took pictures and did nothing. I also mentioned again that it was coming from her side but she still thinks it has something to do with the new roof that got put on and some guy was going to come by and spray bleach all over it. Hell, I could do that but it won’t get rid of the mold since it is in the walls.

On to mowing more lawn as I mow her yard and mine since she cannot do it. I am pounding down a lot of ground walking all over it because something is making little tunnels. You know the tunnels I speak of if you have ever had a mole and then I find the entrance which I also pounded down. As I was then pruning some weeds coming from the other neighbors yard who does no yard work what so ever she let her little dog out and I told her she had a mole which then prompted the discussion of what kind of poison do I put down and I haven’t a clue but if she does she has to be careful about her dog eating it too. I say a trap but I wouldn’t know who to call so I guess she will figure it out since he or she is tearing up her yard. It sort of looks like a mine field.

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  1. 1
    Eric // April 13th, 2009 at 4:40 PM

    Argh! Stupid fallen world! Spiders, bad landlords and moles – not a fun day. Good luck clearing the yard of those critters, and hope it’s not a brown recluse. Yikes.

  2. 2
    valmg // April 14th, 2009 at 4:48 AM

    Reminds self not to visit you….
    I hate creepy crawlies.
    New theme looks good!