Social Security/Medicare Taxes

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Had a question earlier today that I found interesting once I had thought about it. The question was after 8 years does this person stop paying into the social security/medicare taxes as he is a foreigner? As long as he still works here and draws a check he will always be paying into that no matter what.

Now my questions are two-fold essentially.

1. Since he is only here on Visa’s and not a US citizen and pays into the system. Should he manage to stay long enough to total enough time in the state system to obtain social security at age 65 or 68 as most say it is now would he get a check?
2. When we draw our social security, if there is any left, are we still paying social security/medicare taxes out of it?

I guess I have one more question, exactly how much money is being put into the social security fund by the visiting people from other countries? Shouldn’t it be enough to cover whatever loss we have been enduring?

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