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Well since we are having cold weather this week I was thinking about hauling out my little slow cooker and making something. Only problem with that is the fact that I have to be close to home to make sure nothing over cooks in it even on low heat. What I really would like to find though are some recipes that can be on all day on low. Now my idea of all day would be at least 11 hours as that is usually how long I am away from the house during the week while at work. Is there such a thing? Anybody? Now mind you too I don’t have one of these humongous cookers either as it is just me and the dogs. If I had to guess the size I’d say a 3-4 qt size but honestly I don’t know how to tell. If it helps I can roast a 3 lbs chicken in there just barely.

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    Heidi @ CarolinaDreamz // October 12th, 2009 at 9:26 PM

    Today’s slow cooker’s aren’t slow. I wouldn’t leave home, for long, with mine on, either.. and never would anything survive, in it, for 11 hours.

    I cook, in mine, over-night, usually turning it to “warm” sometime in the middle of the night.. when I wake up.. and then refrigerate and reheat for dinner.

    Lately, I’ve only been making shredded beef and whole chickens.. for tacos..

    (I popped in via lowcountrybloggers reader.)
    ~Heidi, in Summerville