Shades in the South

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If you live down here in the south you cannot go without a pair of sunglasses. I claim that the sun is brighter down here than it is up north so sunglasses are a must. What irked me when I was wearing my glasses is the fact that I did not have any prescription sunglasses as well to swap out. I mean buying a pair of glasses alone was expensive and when you have 3 people in a family needing them it adds up. Having blue eyes makes it worse though and we NEED the sunglasses so we can actually see out there in the bright big world.

I personally like the set shown here and have some shades now that look almost like that but with brown lenses although I would prefer the blue lenses more. Had we had options to obtain durable but cheap prescription sunglasses I’m sure we’d have had a pair or three because we all know kids can be harsh on their eyewear. Transitions lenses actually would be the best option but again expensive is the name of that game. These are way better than what some of my friends do and that is buy those shades that just go over top of your own glasses and to be honest it looks horrible when they do that.

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