School Stress

09/15/2010 @ 11:03 AM | Personal with Comments Off on School Stress | Print This Post

I’m telling ya, I’m already stressed out from school and it hasn’t even been a full month into it yet. I’m getting even less sleep than I already do which isn’t much to begin with because I have never been able to sleep at night. My left eye constantly twitches now. My eyes are more often than not blood shot.

Remember growing up and you take those classes where you never understand why it was a requirement when you would never use them again? Sure you do. Well college isn’t any different. One of my classes this semester is another AS/400 class. I have no interest in programming but yet I still have to take these classes to complete my degree. It is beyond absurd at what I don’t understand and am not getting clarification on most things as it is an online class as all of mine are because I don’t have the time physically to show up. I can tell though after this assignment I will have to find someone to help me because there is no way in hell that I will be able to pass if I don’t.

So all you good internet peoples, who knows AS/400 and who wants to help me? I’ll buy you a :cookie: if you do. 😀

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