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Saving for the Future

[1] Does anybody really think about saving for when they are elderly? I’m lucky enough to have a job that automatically offers a retirement plan. My paycheck is automatically deducted a certain amount each time to add to my retirement plan as well as the hospital putting in their share. I honestly do not think there will be any Social Security money left by the time I hit 65 and am able to collect it.

I have always wanted to delve into the stock market but do not have the capital to do such a thing. I pretty much live paycheck to paycheck. There is always that hope of winning the lottery but that might just ensure more problems because you have an excess amount of money you never had before. Whenever I buy a lottery ticket I always think if I win big I need to speak to a financial adviser [2] because I know from watching shows I would need to set up some sort of trust fund or estate plan for family and philanthropy [3]. I always want to help out with the local charities with money but you have to have excess money to be able to do that. I also would want to gain my entrance into the stock market and possibly some real estate ventures. Since I have no MBA degree I would need someone to help me and actually tell me I’m going down the wrong path and about to lose huge amounts of money which financial advisers do.

Unfortunately, you cannot bank on winning the lottery as a savings plan so we must resort to other means. Living frugally, extra hours at work, or second jobs. We do what we must to survive in this lonely world. That has got to be from a song right?

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#1 Comment By Karen On 04/18/2012 @ 8:39 AM

I think living from paycheck to paycheck is the norm these days. Having our own business, we live from job to job!