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IMG_20150814_204624 Poor little Snowflake got a case of ringworm this week from stress. The HVAC dude had to come by twice because my A/C went out yet again without fail. It’s a brand new unit people. This shouldn’t keep happening but it does because the owner doesn’t fix the rest of the pieces parts that go with it. Well, more got replaced this time because the copper pipes started leaking through the upstairs bathroom ceiling and this is after it stopped working from the lines being clogged.

Anywhoo, Snowflake has a spot on her paw and a little bit on her tummy. She also has kitty acne under her chin because she isn’t doing a good job of cleaning that. She has earned herself some oral fungal medicine twice a day as well as a septic clean of her chin, paw, and tummy. She was very good at the vets though and they couldn’t believe how calm she was. Due to her fungal infection I have to postpone her surgery for spaying because we don’t want this to spread or her get anymore stressed and possibly break out more. You wouldn’t know she was stressed at this point because she is crawling all over the place as she is to be secluded for a week so the dog doesn’t catch the ringworm. I don’t think it will last because she doesn’t like being by herself. Just gonna have to make sure she stays away from the dog and vice versa.

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