Puppy Names

04/21/2005 @ 12:42 PM | Animals with Comments Off on Puppy Names | Print This Post

Mmkay, I’m just finishing working at home yesterday afternoon and my mother calls, I got a little girl for you and I’m like huh? She found a little girl puppy living in the storm drain on her dirt road towards her house. Once she coaxed out the one she saw another one in there but when I got over there she hadn’t managed to nab it yet. Hopefully she found that one too so it doesn’t become a grease spot on the road anytime soon. So now I have that little puppy at my place as a companion for my other dog Pepper (pictures in gallery) since my cat is no longer alive. The little puppy is a variant of the Pointer that I have now if not a purebreed, will have to let the vet decide that on Saturday when I take her in. She has all the markings of Pepper but is a beige/light brown instead of dark brown. Will try to get some pictures posted soon.

Thoughts on any names??? Only thing I’ve come up with at the moment is Stormy…

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