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Why is it that psychics can give you the future that you may or may not want, help you answer questions you need answering, commune with your past family members or whomever (oh wait that’s mediums right?) but yet can’t give you the lottery numbers? Or better yet, win the lottery for themselves? I mean really, what’s the point if you are going to have that ability? You know I’d even settle for winning the football pool at this rate lol I losted again 🙄

So since I brought the mediums up as well, aren’t they the same thing sorta? They can find things out from the ghosts or spirits around the area I guess who could tell them where a treasure chest might be buried? Or if not a treasure chest maybe some old house where the owners kept all their cash in the walls or attic? I could never get that lucky. Maybe I need to check my attic out hmmm :sarcastic:

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    Costa Rica Real Estate Jack // September 25th, 2007 at 4:32 AM

    I think we are the masters of our destiny. Definitely no one can tell me what my future would be in the next 10 years. Not even psychics! That is why it is really important to take things seriously at present because that’s the only way I think to determine the future.