Practice Football

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Okay, I know this is going to piss off a lot of people but I’m going there. I call college football practice football because well it really is. They are practicing to get to the NFL. The rules aren’t really the same as the NFL and watching college ball irks me. Not really sure why but it does. They had the South Carolina/Georgia game on at Brecks tonight and most of the kitchen staff kept coming up to check the score because they bet on the game. Then some customers came in and were getting irate because they wanted Georgia to win which didn’t happen.

This image is the new front page to our football forum if ya’ll care to join and play. We did this to make it easier for most people as just about everybody has a computer these days and one of the folks has a job up north for a couple years that he couldn’t pass up and this way he can still play. Kinda nice if you ask me. This way we just need to collect the money locally.

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