Piggy Flu

09/21/2009 @ 6:06 PM | Health, Sports with Comments Off on Piggy Flu | Print This Post

Yep, that’s what I’m calling it. We had 2 more kiddos come in with bugs today but they tested negative for influenza even though they looked closer to death from a kids version of it lol Later that day though we had word that one of the nurses was tested positive for swine flu so she’s out for the week. Apparently she got sick last Friday but thankfully we did not have clinic that day and had no contact with her. We are still waiting for our supply of the flu shot which is irking tons of people but they are passing them out to the smaller practices first and then the hospitals.

I still need to get more people in our football pool around here. Just wish the people who say they want to play actually play then it would be great cuz we could potentially have at least 10+ people verses the 3-5 that normally play every week which is variable.

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