Pepper is 15

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image Pepper will be 16 next month and just like my cat, Inky, she is now in kidney failure too. She was at the vets everyday last week for IV fluids and subq fluids and now I’m doing subq fluids at home everyday now that we got her creatinine back down to the normal range. The vet thinks we caught it early to be able to reverse it because I noticed she was sluggish which she usually isn’t when I took her in for her monthly polyglycon shot to help with her arthritis. So I made a morning appointment to see the vet and he did blood work which showed the kidney failure and the fact that her phosphorous was sky high. She is also now on a low phosphorous, low protein diet to help with both issues. Low protein will help in that her kidneys will not have to work as hard to process the protein through.

For whatever reason this always seems to coincide with my trip to kidney camp. So now I’m on the hunt for someone to be able to give fluids and watch them because I can’t put them in puppy jail as Pepper is deaf now and can only differentiate from light and dark. So puppy jail would cause her more stress. I found out one of my neighbors used to work at a vet so now I need to find out exactly what she did and to see how Pepper reacts to her if she was a vet tech and watch her give fluids because really I don’t trust anyone just from hearsay. I’m hoping that she won’t need them but maybe every other day or not at all as the vet wanted me to do fluids everyday for 2 weeks straight after last week to be sure it’s all functioning properly.

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